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Creep Feeder II
Foal Feeder

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Creep Feeder II is Made in the USA!

Creep Feeder II

Creep Feeder for Horses & Cattle

Top View

All New Foal & Calf Feeding System

$59.00 ea.

Creep Feeder II is an all new way to creep feed for horses and cattle. Made of high density plastic and stainless steel hardware it is made to withstand the mother's abuse. An adjustable sliding top lets the Creep Feeder II be adjusted as the baby grows. A removable bottom makes for easy cleaning and removal of uneaten feed. And the allen wrench which holds the bottom in place, is also used as the tool for adjusting the top.

Creep feeder II was developed out of necessity for our own use.

We have a stallion and breed a few mares every year and could not find a foal feeder that would hold up to the mare’s abuse. The foal feeders we have bought over the years in some instances would literally last only minutes before a mare would destroy it. This is how we came up with our new design.

We wanted a foal feeder that would hold up to the mare's abuse, but yet be safe for the foals and be adjustable as the foal grows. Plus the added feature of easily cleaning out any uneaten feed by having a removable bottom on the feeder. The Creep Feeder II is made of high density plastic and stainless steel hardware for a long lasting and easily cleanable feeder. Our original Creep Feeder II is still in use after 4 years!

Creep Feeder II in use

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