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Creep Feeder II
Foal Feeder

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Creep Feeder II is Made in the USA!

Horse Feeding Equipment

Wall/Corner Feeder

The wall/corner feeder mounts to a wall or corner for grain and supplements. Available with drain only.

23" L x 15 3/4" W x 14" H


Wall or Corner Mount Feeder
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Insulated Bucket

Heavy equipment prevents water from freezing allowing horses to drink regularly in an occupied stall. Unique drain design allows for watering with or without a bucket, and makes cleaning easy. Heavy duty 5 gallon bucket inculuded. Float included as well which helps insulate the bucket from the top by floating at or just below water surface. Horse can easily access the water by nudging the float which also helps keep the water circulating.


Insulated Bucket Prevents Water from Freezing
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EZ-Grip Mat Mover

Makes moving rubber mat a breeze. Self adjust to fit all sizes of mats.
Auto locks and HOLD TIGHT.


EZ Grip Mat Mover
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Slant Load/Upright Water Caddy

The Water Caddy fits conveniently in the corner of your walk-in-tack room utilizing the "dead space". It features a fill hole with a vent at the top of the tank for easy filling. Located at the bottom the the tank is a shut off valve to hook your hose to for filling water buckets.

18 Gal. - 10 1/2 " on three sides x 72" H
25 Gal. - 18" on three sides x 56" H
39 Gal. - 14" on three sides x 72" H


Slant Load/Upright Water Caddy
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Half-Moon Upright Water Caddy

Capacity 48 gallons. The Half-Moon Upright features two shut off valves to allow for use with bucket or water hose. The translucent plastic allows you to see the water level in tank while a cap at the top can be used for easy filling or ventilation.

63 1/2" L x 18" W x 12" H


Half Moon 48 Gallon Water Caddy
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